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Wave kitesurfing directional board riding surfing?
Where are the waves?
Ride the waves of adventure! Click below for the ultimate surf spots. Dive into stunning moments. 🌊 #WaveChaser
The lagoons jump lagoon flat surfer mangroves brazil macapa
The lagoons
Chase wind in lagoon bliss! Click for serene kitesurfing spots. Master tricks in shallow waters. 🪁🏄‍♂️ #LagoonRider
Flat water paradise
Flat water paradise
Flat Water Dreams: The Ultimate Playground for Kitesurfers. Ride blind or darkslide.🪞✨ #FlatLikeAmirror

New to kitesurfing?

Our Top Recommended Kitespots for Beginners

Beginners Haven: Dive into our top picks for newbies. Start your kitesurfing journey with confidence! We will not teach you but we can certainly help you find a great spot during the right time where we believe you will make great progress🏄‍♂️👶 #KitesurfingBeginner

  • Only learn with VDWS or IKO certified Schools
  • Don't chose the spot based on popularity
  • Don't buy equipment before you know how to ride
  • Always double check the kite season if you see an offer in the internet
  • Make sure you have 1 week time to learn, wind is not 100% predictable
Kiteguide top recommended guides for beginners

Spots we love ❤️

Explore the kitesurfing gems that stole our hearts - our beloved spots await your adventure! Click below to discover the beauty of these cherished destinations. From hidden paradises to wind-kissed shores, each spot tells a unique story. Join us as we share the love for kitesurfing in these extraordinary havens! 🏄‍♂️💕

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Brazil - Icarai

Welcome to Icarai, Brazil, where kitesurfing dreams take flight on the wings of the wind. Nestled along the mesmerizing Brazilian coastline, this kitesurfing hotspot offers an unrivaled experience for thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. With its consistent wind patterns, diverse kite spots, and stunning surroundings, Icarai promises an unforgettable adventure. In this guide, we'll dive deep into the wind conditions, the local scene, and how to make the most of your kitesurfing journey in this tropical paradise.

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Brazil - Praia de Mundau

Welcome to Mundau, a kitesurfing destination renowned for its consistent wind conditions and breathtaking surroundings. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the specifics of kitesurfing in Mundau, providing you with a wealth of information to ensure a thorough understanding of this coastal paradise. From detailed wind patterns to local insights and safety considerations, our goal is to equip you with everything you need for a successful and informed kiteboarding experience.

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Brazil - Praia de Guriu

Nestled along Brazil's northeastern coastline, Praia de Guriu beckons kitesurfing enthusiasts to a tranquil haven of wind and waves. In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets of Praia de Guriu, from its reliable wind conditions that make every ride memorable to the local charm that adds an extra layer of bliss to your kitesurfing adventure. Let's dive into the details and ensure your visit to this hidden Brazilian paradise is everything you've dreamed of.

Windmills at Icaraizinho Beach in Brazil
Brazil - Icaraizinho

Half way between Fortaleza and Jericoacara there is Icaraizinho, a small fishing village with a handful of restaurants, bars and tiny supermarkets. The kitesurfing bay along the beautiful sandy beach is very relaxing. A great place if you really want to chill, relax in the sun, live life easy without too many choices and surf during the day. It is a great stop by before you go up to crowded Ilha do Guajiru or when you have had enough of the density stress and you are on your way back home. One way or the other, a great place to be for a couple of days. 

Green blue water at Uruau Brazil Kitesurfing Spot
Brazil - Uruau

Uruau resides as a part of the municipality of Beberibe, about 120 km southeast of Fortaleza. It is a premium kite spot that got its name from the lake Uruau, famous for the practice of maritime sports. The beach is peaceful and unspoiled, away from the busy corners of Beberibe. Hence, the place is perfect for tourists seeking to spend their holidays in peace. Flock in here, take a dip in the calm, green sea, and you will feel all charged up for further adventures. Uruau has warm sunny weather during the day, but it cools down to comfortable, breezy weather at night. Kitesurfers can ride their heart out until the majestic setting sun melts into the red sandstone rocks.

Long sandbank at Galinhos Brazil Kitesurfspot
Brazil - Galinhos

The Kite Spot Galinhos is still an uncrowded Spot that offers more than some other Spots in Brazil. This spot is a real highlight with unique spot characteristics. In addition, due to some local strengthening effects, the Kite Spot Galinhos also has an even stronger wind than the area around Fortaleza. The wind blows mostly continuously, but builds up to full strength only by midday. 

Funny looking guy with stupid sunglasses kitesurfing in Tatajuba
Brazil - Tatajuba

The secluded fishing village of Tatajuba, midway between Jericoacoara and Camocin, is a peaceful oasis with a beautiful kitesurfing spot in Brazil. If you're visiting Brazil for kitesurfing and want to forget about the stresses of your daily life, Tatajuba is a must-see destination. The major attractions of this location are the beaches and lagoons, and there are also a few reasonably priced restaurants and various little bars to get a cold Caipirinha. There aren't many stores here, but there is a market nearby to get all the basics.

Tatajuba is a calm and peaceful Kite Spot in Brazil which provides ideal conditions for everyone, from beginners up to professional kiteboarders. You may well bump into some pro riders if you are lucky, as many of them head to Tatajuba to train their big air kiteboarding. This great kiteboard spot in Brazil is ideal for Wake style, Freeride, and Freestyle kitesurfers, but the strong wind means big air kiteboarding is amazing here!

Philippe crashing his kite hard in Barra Grande Lagoon
Brazil - Barra Grande

Barra Grande, an enchanting nook in Bahia, Brazil, has firmly marked itself on the map as a premier kitesurfing destination. Boasting consistent winds, azure waters, and a memorable downwind course to Macapa, this is a spot that offers far more than just an adrenaline thrill.

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Brazil - Barrinha

Situated along the Brazilian coastline from Mundau to Jericoacoara, Barrinha near Baleia emerges as a noteworthy destination for kitesurfing aficionados. This locale, celebrated for its historical significance and optimal wind conditions, stands as an appealing option for those seeking both adventure and cultural immersion.

Roger doing a high jump that he will never land but it looks cool
Brazil - Praia de Macapa

Welcome to the kitesurfing haven of Praia de Macapa, a hidden gem nestled north of Barra Grande. With its pristine shores and wind-kissed waves, this spot beckons both seasoned riders and newcomers to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in a truly magical setting.

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Back in 2016 I was taking a 6 month sabbatical from my work at a large IT company. Since I was taking kitesurfing lessons before I planned to start in Brazil and kitesurf there for a few weeks, just to master the sport. Once I experienced the consistent strong winds of Brazilians north coast I was getting infected with kitesurfing and It ended me buying kitegear in the US before traveling to Cuba to meet my brother. I was kitesurfing almost 6 month in a row, doing great progress and felt in love with kitesurfing. Planning where kitesurf already hit me the first time in Brazil when I was thinking where to go next. My travels were almost unplanned, I wanted to experience the freedom of having a non existing agenda, unlike at work. I soon figured out that it is not so easy to find out where you could go kitesurfing in what month and what spots are recommended. Of course, everyone has great tips of places where they have been, but for planning purposes it was not sufficient. I am a believer of the fact that great ideas start with "wouldn't it be cool if …" – in my case: wouldn't it be cool if there is a portal that helps me find the perfect kitespot in the world? This is Kiteguide. Find your perfect kitesurf spot.

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1. How does help me find the perfect kitesurfing spot?

Answer: provides detailed information about various kitesurfing spots across the globe, including the best seasons to visit, unique features of each spot, and recommendations based on current peak seasons.

2. Can I find kitesurfing spots based on my preferred travel month?

Answer: Yes, allows you to explore kitesurfing spots that are in peak season during your preferred travel month, ensuring optimal kitesurfing conditions.

3. What kind of information can I expect about each kitesurfing spot?

Answer: Each spot is detailed with information like the best months to visit, a brief description of the location, and what makes it unique or suitable for kitesurfers of different skill levels.

4. Does provide information about kitesurfing spots in Europe?

Answer: Yes, the website provides extensive information about various kitesurfing spots in Europe, including countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, detailing the best seasons and unique features of each spot.

5. Can I get recommendations for kitesurfing spots in a specific continent?

Answer: Absolutely! sorts kitesurfing spots by continents, allowing you to explore and find your perfect spot within a specific geographical location.

6. Is there information available for kitesurfing spots in Africa?

Answer: Yes, provides detailed insights into various kitesurfing spots in Africa, including countries like Egypt, Madagascar, and Mauritius, with specifics about the best kitesurfing seasons and spot characteristics.

7. How does ensure the information provided is accurate and reliable?

Answer: We need to write a good answer here....

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Answer: Not Yet, but soon you will find school recommendations for each Kitesurf-Spot. School Waiting List - Link

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Answer: Yes, features a Spot Search Engine that allows you to search through continents or use their Month list to find your perfect kitesurfing spot based on your criteria.

10. Can I get inspired by recommendations for kitesurfing in a specific month, like September?

Answer: Absolutely! provides recommendations for kitesurfing spots that are in peak season in specific months, like September, to inspire your next kitesurfing adventure.