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Where to go kitesurfing in September 2023

Get inspired by our recommendations for kite surfing in September. We sorted them by Continents and only show you spots that are currently in peak season. You can start clicking around wild or use our Spot Search Engine, search through Continents or use our Month list to find your perfect spot.


Turkey - Akyaka

If you're looking for a unique and exciting kitesurfing destination, Akyaka in Turkey should definitely be on your list. Known for its thermic winds, long beach parkour, and beautiful nature, Akyaka is the perfect spot for both beginners and experienced riders.

Envato Picture showing Neretva Dubrovnik from Air
Croatia - Neretva

Nestled in the vibrant, sun-drenched heart of the Croatian Adriatic, the Neretva River Delta offers a picturesque setting for kiteboarding enthusiasts. From its consistent winds to the mirror-like flat water, Neretva kite spot has solidified its status as a paradise for kiteboarders of all skill levels.

Lo Stagnone
Italy - Lo Stagnone

Lo Stagnone is a famous Italian lagoon standing wild in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the premium kitesurf spots in and around Italy and Europe. The location is famous for its lush green background, salty beaches, downwinders, and perfect beach breaks. The mirror flat lagoon of Lo Stagnone is wide and surreal with turquoise Mediterranean water, soft summer breeze, and glittery spreads of fine sand. Such favorable kitesurfing conditions help the place to have kiteboarders flying in throughout the year. If you are a kitesurfing noob, a master, or a freestyler, Lo Stagnone lagoon is right here to welcome you with its best reserves. Lo Stagnone is popular as the workout place for kiteboarders. Situated in the Marsala town of the district Trapani, towards the northern territory of Sicily this wild kite spot has an 8 square mile stretch of lagoon. Lo Stagnone offers the perfect trade wind, beach breaks with mirror flat water bed, and beautiful horizons to be stocked at. The wide stretch of beaches offers a sunny sunbathing cradle to the sea beach fanatics. If you are a freestyler, a kiteboarding brat, or simply a first-timer, Lo Stagnone offers you places according to your kitesurfing needs. Whether a laid-back traveler who wants to hang around and soak in the simple beach lifestyle, this lagoon of Italy has everything to lay hands on.

Bergen aan Zee
Netherlands - Bergen aan Zee

Bergen aan Zee is a popular coastal town located in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. With its picturesque surroundings, the area has become a mecca for water sports enthusiasts. Among these sports, kitesurfing is one of the most popular. In this guide, we will explore the best kite spots, wind conditions, and other useful information for kitesurfing in Bergen aan Zee.

Aerial view of Foz do Arelho during summer time
Portugal - Foz do Arelho

With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Ă“bidos Lagoon on the other, Foz do Arelho in Portugal presents a kitesurfing experience like no other. This magical spot effortlessly combines the natural beauty of Portugal's Silver Coast with an invigorating surfing environment, making it a perfect haven for kitesurfers.

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Portugal - Faro

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing kitesurfing scene of Faro, Portugal. Situated in the heart of the sunny Algarve region, Faro's expansive coastline, lagoons, and reliable wind patterns make it a favored destination among kitesurfers worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a budding enthusiast, Faro's varied spots cater to every skill level.

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Portugal - Aveiro

Unfurl your kites to the Portuguese skies and ride the exhilarating waves of Aveiro. Known as Portugal's Venice, Aveiro combines water channels, striking architecture, and vibrant culture with kitesurfing conditions that appeal to both neophytes and professionals. Let the wind guide your sails as you dance with the Atlantic waves in this unique city.

Photo by <a href="">Kateryna Ivanova</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Portugal - Vila do Conde

Enveloped in an air of serene charm and lively winds, the Vila do Conde in Portugal is a coveted destination for kitesurfers worldwide. This captivating town, adorned with medieval treasures and laced with expansive sandy beaches, offers a unique blend of cultural exploration and thrilling water sports, making it an unrivaled paradise for kitesurfers.

Baleal beach and it’s scenic coastline near Peniche
Portugal - Peniche

Embracing the wild Atlantic waves and invigorating winds, Peniche, Portugal is an idyllic haven for kitesurfers. Renowned as a top surf destination, Peniche’s extensive coastline offers various conditions for every kitesurfing level, pairing unmatched beauty with challenging and thrilling rides.

Beautiful long exposure shot of esposende river in portugal
Portugal - Esposende

Spectacularly nestled between the Cávado River and the Atlantic Ocean, Esposende, Portugal, is a hidden gem in the world of kitesurfing. Offering a rare blend of river and ocean kitesurfing environments, its unique geographical setup makes it a must-visit destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Portugal - Lagoa de Albufeira

Portugal's coastline is a mosaic of kitesurfing spots, and one gem that stands out is Lagoa de Albufeira, a picturesque lagoon nestled in the municipality of Sesimbra. A mecca for wind enthusiasts, this spot offers the unique blend of a sheltered lagoon and the open Atlantic, making it perfect for riders of all skill levels.

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Portugal - Cabedelo Beach

Nestled in the historic city of Viana do Castelo in Portugal, Cabedelo Beach is a dream come true for kitesurfers. The beach’s expansive sands, embraced by the might of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the serenity of the Lima River on the other, play host to powerful winds and stunning landscapes, offering a remarkable kitesurfing experience.

Panorama picture of BOM Sucesso bay in Portugal
Portugal - Bom Sucesso

Praia do Bom Sucesso on the Obidos Lagoon used to be a bit of a hidden gem kiteboard spot, but it has gained popularity in recent years due to visits by pro kitesurfers and Portugal in general exploding onto the scene (Looking at you Nazare...). The combination of plenty of space, flat water, and the Portuguese Nortada wind makes for a fantastic kite spot for all levels. The quality of kite schools and kite surf infrastructure here have dramatically improved in recent years and so it has become much more welcoming for adventure lovers.

You are only allowed to kiteboard on the estuary and Northern side from mid September until mid June, the summer months are reserved for general public use, so if you visit in summer you’ll have to go kitesurfing a bit further into the lagoon, but Bom Sucesso is still a great place to launch from.

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Portugal - Troia

As the sun rises over the azure Atlantic, there's an electric thrill in the air at Troja, Portugal. Troja is not just a stunning kite spot, but a kitesurfer's paradise. This coastal gem boasts crystal-clear waters, wide sandy beaches, and a wind that whispers promises of epic kite sessions. As a playground for adrenaline-seeking kitesurfers, Troja keeps the heart pounding, the adrenaline surging, and the spirits soaring.

Fishermens boats in Alvor City
Portugal - Alvor

With its pristine, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and consistent winds, Alvor, Portugal is a veritable kitesurfing paradise. This charming fishing village, located in the Algarve region, is fast becoming a top destination for kitesurfers from around the world, thanks to its unique blend of excellent conditions and captivating local culture.

Magic Sunset in Punta Umbria
Spain - Punta Umbria

Nestled along the Costa de la Luz in Spain, Punta UmbrĂ­a is a sun-kissed coastal town that draws kitesurfing enthusiasts from around the globe. With its extensive sandy beaches, consistent wind conditions, and inviting waters, Punta UmbrĂ­a has carved a niche as a prime kitesurfing location. Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice to the sport, the town's versatile spots cater to all skill levels, promising an exhilarating kitesurfing adventure.

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Spain - Cesantes

Located in the heart of the RĂ­a de Vigo, in the northwestern region of Spain, lies the hidden gem of kitesurfing, Cesantes. The idyllic beach, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Galician coastline, offers some of the best conditions for kitesurfers, be it rookies or seasoned veterans. Cesantes provides a blend of great wind conditions, awe-inspiring landscapes, and an easy-to-reach location, making it an unforgettable kitesurfing destination.

Switzerland - Silvaplana

Silvaplana Kitesurfing Spot is located in the beautiful region of Upper Engadine in Switzerland, Lake Silvaplana is a world-renowned kitesurfing destination. It's not just the crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain backdrop that make this lake a haven for kitesurfers. It's also the consistent winds, particularly the famous Maloja wind, that make it an ideal location for this extreme sport. The Maloja wind is a natural phenomenon that occurs when cold air from the Maloja Pass rushes down towards the lake, providing reliable and strong winds that kitesurfers can rely on. With tranquil waters and ideal kitesurfing conditions, Lake Silvaplana offers a truly unique kitesurfing experience that's hard to match. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to learn, the lake's mesmerizing scenery, perfect winds, and serene atmosphere make it the ultimate destination for your next kitesurfing adventure.


View from Hotel to the Kitesurf Beach in Safaga
Egypt - Safaga

Safaga is a well-known flat water Kite Spot located 5 km South of Soma Bay, offering a more traditional Egyptian village with minimal tourist facilities. There are a few shops and cafes here and there, as well as a small market and a fish and vegetable market. Depending on the tide and the spot you choose to locate yourself, you’ll have large sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by rugged terrain. Safaga is also a fantastic dive and snorkelling site so if the wind lets you down there’s still plenty to do

It’s not a spot for wave riders, but if you’re looking to learn or to practice kitesurfing in flat water then Safaga offers a huge area with warm water and consistent wind.

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Egypt - Seahorse Bay

Seahorse Bay Kitesurfing Spot is one of those dreamy flat water areas in Egypt that have had kite schools from the very beginning, and remain popular to this day. Several of the big German companies call this their home in Egypt and for good reason, with stunning crystal clear water, wind for most of the year and perfect kitesurfing conditions from total beginners up to professional freestyle kitesurfers. The local area doesn’t offer much in the way of traditional Egyptian history, but you can fly cheap from most European countries, it’s warmer than Europe, and Kitesurfing at Seahorse Bay offers great flat water experience without the crowds that you’ll normally find at some other Kitesurf Spots in Hurghada itself like Kitesurfing in Soma Bay or Kiteboarding in Hurghada Bay.

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Atoll between Hamata and Berince
Egypt - Hamata

Hamata Kite Spot offers a huge flat water lagoon, crystal clear water, the best wind statistics in Egypt, and a laid back atmosphere. If you want to kitesurf and not a lot else, this could be the perfect spot for your next kiteboarding holiday. There is a large waist deep area which makes this an ideal spot for anyone learning to kitesurf, and all the local kite schools offer lessons as well as transfers to the spot as none of them are directly on the kite spot itself. 

Hamata offers a little more greenery than a lot of the other Egyptian spots, and the mangroves on the upwind end of the lagoon really add to the beauty of this isolated kitesurfing paradise. With pretty consistent wind through the year this is definitely a good kite spot to put on the list to visit.

Wonderful view from Oceanlodge to kitebeach in Baie de Sakalava
Madagascar - Baie de Sakalava

Baie de Sakalava, or more commonly, Sakalava beach, is a marvelous sandy beach in the country of Madagascar. Located far north of this island country, this place sits perfectly to face the vast Indian Ocean to its East. The sandy shores of this beach run over a mile long. The stretch of green mangroves and the blue lagoon enhances the beauty of this place. Sakalava beach offers a bunch of fantastic beach sports, which include windsurfing, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, kajak, and even fishing.

Beautiful turquoise water at Le Morne kitespot
Mauritius - Le Morne

Le Morne on the Southwestern tip of Mauritius offers a fantastic flat water lagoon and waves ranging from beginner friendly to pro kitesurfers only. With so much kitesurfing variety and steady wind making it perfect for all levels of kitesurfer, plus a stunning location and luxurious hotels it’s no wonder kitesurfers flock here year round. Le Morne and Mauritius as a whole is a well known honeymoon destination so the prices can be higher here than some other kite spots, but the quality of service and the amazing kitesurfing conditions make it more than worthwhile.

Flight shot over Le Morne with view of the island
Mauritius - Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre, a hidden jewel located in the south-west of Mauritius, offers kitesurfing enthusiasts a true paradise for their favorite sport. With its spacious lagoon providing protected flat water on the inside and exciting waves further out on the reef, this kite spot caters to riders of all skill levels and riding styles. In this feature, we will delve into the wind conditions, surrounding attractions, transportation options, and essential information to ensure an unforgettable kitesurfing experience in Bel Ombre.

Flight shot over Le Morne with view of the island
Mauritius - Anse La Raie

Anse La Raie Kite Spot is getting more popular as Mauritius gets explored further and people venture away from the well known spots in Le Morne. Offering a huge lagoon thanks to the barrier reef 2.5km offshore, this is a great spot for anyone not comfortable kitesurfing in the waves, or who wants flat water to practice their latest and greatest freestyle tricks. There are a couple of wave spots breaking over the reef here, which are nice to ride but the reef is shallow so better left to those with more kitesurfing experience!

Mauritius has been a popular kitesurfing and honeymoon destination for years now, so there are various options for all your kitesurfing needs, just be prepared that the prices can be a little on the higher side when compared to some other island destinations. It’s also less of a solo traveller destination, and tends to attract more families, groups and honeymooners, so bear that in mind.

Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurfing flag in front with Kitesurfers, sea and dunes in the background
Morocco - Dakhla Speed Spot

The Kitesurfing Speed Spot in Dakhla is probably the best known freestyle Kiteboarding Spot in Morocco, with a huge area of butter flat water at low tide, and pumping wind almost every day during the season. The wind blows directly offshore so it’s not a beginner Kite Spot, you need to at the very least be able to kitesurf upwind, and being comfortable with how to self rescue is definitely helpful too! If you come from one of the kite accommodations some offer a boat rescue service but not all, so it’s worth checking how it works before you head out Kitesurfing in Dakhla Speed Spot. It’s a stunning and remote spot in the middle of the desert, but it’s amazing and there's a good reason for its popularity.

The easiest way to get to Dakhla - Speed Spot for Kiteboarding is with a boat, 4x4 or get a ride with a tractor out to the spot, just remember the tide will come in at some point so leave any belongings in a high and dry place. You can also just kite over to speed spot, it will just require a bit of a downwind and then upwind slog but it’s very doable.

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Mozambique - Vilanculo

Mozambique has been growing in popularity among kitesurfers in recent years, and Vilanculos is one of the Kite Spots which has put itself on the map early on. With stunning turquoise lagoons and trade winds blowing for nearly 8 months of the year you’ve got a decent chance of scoring epic kitesurfing conditions if you visit in season! The kite spot at Vilanculos is a flat water spot, with large areas of waist deep crystal clear water and various sand bars creating perfect freestyle kiteboarding conditions at low tide. There are also some waves on the outside but generally better to take a boat out with you for safety and maybe do a big downwinder.

Mozambique is a stunning country with plenty to explore other than kitesurfing if you are feeling adventurous, but don’t come expecting a simple package holiday as it’s not a big built up tourist location. There is an incredible amount of beauty in the country for those willing to look for it, and the stunning natural landscape makes it a photographer's dream.

Walvis Bay Lagoon
Namibia - Walvis Bay Lagoon

Namibia is known for cranking wind and speed records, but Walvis Bay Lagoon has a little something for everyone, with some great waist deep flat water areas perfect for beginner kitesurfers and freestylers, but also endless waves on the outside if that’s your jam. The water is cold and the landscape is rugged, but if you want a pure kitesurfing experience and don’t care about palm trees and infinity pools you’ll have a great time here. It’s long been a haven for windsurfers and hosts a yearly speed competition where speed records are constantly being broken as the wind accelerates over the sandbar, creating butter flat water behind.

view of luderitz in namibia over stones
Namibia - Luderitz

Welcome to Luderitz, Namibia, a kitesurfing paradise filled with character and unexpected charm. This small and friendly town presents a surprising fusion of German influence amidst the desert landscapes. Get ready for an extraordinary kitesurfing adventure, where the wind and awe-inspiring surroundings will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Tent and Jeep in magical sunset lighting in the Desert of Namibia
Namibia - Donkey Bay

Donkey bay aka Skeleton bay in Namibia is a wave spot for advanced kitesurfers only, with cross offshore wind and pumping swell in the middle of the Namibian desert. You’ll need a 4x4, and a local guide is helpful to find your way to Donkey bay without getting stuck in any sand dunes. Once you arrive on the beach you’ll find a surfing and wave kitesurfing paradise, with peeling left handers and strong wind, and most likely not many other people in sight. As it’s a remote spot you’ll definitely want to be comfortable with self rescue, as you are on your own if something goes wrong while kitesurfing. The waves generally are medium sized and are fast and powerful, so you’ll want to be confident riding in waves before you venture out kitesurfing at Donkey bay. It can also get really big on occasion, so on those days really be careful.

Sandy Beach in Lahami with Mountains in the Background
Egypt - Lahami Bay

Lahami bay and Wadi Lahami lagoon offer a huge flat and shallow area, perfect for learning to kitesurf or work on your best freestyle tricks. There are also a couple of waves breaking at the outside of the reef, so if you fancy throwing your kite surfboard in too there’s fun to be had there. A 2 km long narrow reef with a fantastic snorkeling area protects the kitesurf spot, meaning the water always stays pretty flat, even when the wind picks up. The peak tourist season in Lahami Bay begins in May and lasts until September, but it’s a spot which works year round and the winter is popular with European visitors as it’s a pretty short flight.

View from Kite House to Kite Beach in El Gouna KBC
Egypt - El Gouna

El Gouna is an Egyptian tourist resort on the Red Sea, built to resemble Venice with its various canals and lagoons. It also happens to be a reliable spot for wind and kitesurfing, and has been a favourite for European kitesurfers since the early days of the sport. It offers a great destination for families as well as hardcore kitesurfers, from total beginners to pro riders, with warm flat water and almost year round wind. Due to it being very much a constructed resort it’s not to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying it’s got everything you could need from a flat water kitesurfing spot. There are various options for accommodation ranging in price from budget to very high end, and there are a number of kite spots along the coast here depending on where you’re staying.

Meaningless Shutterstock Picture of Soma Bay
Egypt - Soma Bay

Soma Bay offers a huge area for kitesurfing, with crystal clear water and steady wind for most of the year. There are a few options for places to ride within Soma Bay itself and the kitesurfing conditions range from butter flat to slightly choppy depending where you are. It’s board shorts and tshirt for kiting during the summer, and only 4-5 hours flight from most of Europe, so it’s no wonder this beautiful place is such a popular destination for Europeans to kitesurf year round.

Egypt also offers an incredible amount of history and the Red sea a magnificent variety of sea life, so regardless of your reasons for visiting you won’t be disappointed.

People with stomach issues kitesurfing in Soma Bay
Egypt - Hurghada Bay

Hurghada, Egypt's original kite spot, has grown into one of the Red Sea's most popular kiteboarding destinations, thanks to its consistent wind, shallow, flat water and affordable package deals. The place is awash with hotels covering all budgets and styles, and the town is home to numerous bars and nightclubs. The incredible variety of weird and wonderful sea life found in the Red Sea near Hurghada initially brought the town to global attention as a diving hotspot, but in recent years kitesurfing has exploded in popularity there. The combination of warm, shallow, flat water and really consistent winds make it a perfect place for everyone from total beginners to professional kitesurfers.

Turquoise paradise waters at Baie d'Emeraudes, Madagascar
Madagascar - Mer d Emeraude

Kitesurfing in the beautiful clear seas of Madagascar's Emerald Sea, AKA Mer d'Emeraude, is a fantastic excursion option. The Emerald Sea, near Diego Suarez in the far north of the island, is a hidden kitesurf spot with tons of space, perfect flat water on the inside of the lagoon and waves on the outside. 

The Emerald Sea lagoon, separated from Diego-Suarez Bay by the Babaomby Peninsula, is an incredible kiteboarding playground. With a length of 12 kilometers, it offers a vast kitesurfing area with different options for different riders. If you are at a good enough level it’s well worth organising a downwinder here to see the lagoon while passing through fishermen's villages and surfing some perfect waves on the reef.

Dakhla Main Spot
Morocco - Dakhla Main Spot

The Dakhla Main Kite Spot is a very well known Kite Spot where most time europeans enjoy their passion during all year. There are serves ingenious kite conditions on around 330 kitebare wind days. The 4 kilometers of paradise for freestylers and shallow water fans, where you can either kite or book a transport. The wind is offshore, so do not go out alone.

South America

Part in roof top bar over Jericoacoara
Brazil - Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is a popular tourist stop in Northern Brazil and has been a windsurfing mecca since the 80s. It is a former fishing town in the middle of the sand dunes with pumping wind, and the town offers a nice mix of traditional Brazilian feeling and crazy parties all night long. This is a popular stopover when you fancy a bit of a rest from kitesurfing, rather than a main kitesurf spot itself, and great for a party and soaking in the vibes.

You can kitesurf from the sunset dune if you like but actually kitesurfing from the main point in Jericoacoara is forbidden and reserved for windsurfers only. In front of the dune is gusty and not much fun, so in order to kitesurf you will either want to get a buggy to the nearby lagoons and beaches, or launch your kite from Jericoacoara, kitesurf downwind and get picked up at the end. The local kite schools offer shuttles, trips and downwind services so the best bet is to get in touch with them for more info.

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Brazil - Praia de Mundau

Welcome to Mundau, a kitesurfing destination renowned for its consistent wind conditions and breathtaking surroundings. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the specifics of kitesurfing in Mundau, providing you with a wealth of information to ensure a thorough understanding of this coastal paradise. From detailed wind patterns to local insights and safety considerations, our goal is to equip you with everything you need for a successful and informed kiteboarding experience.

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Brazil - Praia de Guriu

Nestled along Brazil's northeastern coastline, Praia de Guriu beckons kitesurfing enthusiasts to a tranquil haven of wind and waves. In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets of Praia de Guriu, from its reliable wind conditions that make every ride memorable to the local charm that adds an extra layer of bliss to your kitesurfing adventure. Let's dive into the details and ensure your visit to this hidden Brazilian paradise is everything you've dreamed of.

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Brazil - Paracuru

Welcome to Paracuru, where kitesurfing dreams come alive against the backdrop of wind, waves, and natural allure. This Brazilian coastal gem beckons kitesurfing enthusiasts to revel in the harmonious blend of nature's forces and adrenaline-pumping rides.

Green blue water at Uruau Brazil Kitesurfing Spot
Brazil - Uruau

Uruau resides as a part of the municipality of Beberibe, about 120 km southeast of Fortaleza. It is a premium kite spot that got its name from the lake Uruau, famous for the practice of maritime sports. The beach is peaceful and unspoiled, away from the busy corners of Beberibe. Hence, the place is perfect for tourists seeking to spend their holidays in peace. Flock in here, take a dip in the calm, green sea, and you will feel all charged up for further adventures. Uruau has warm sunny weather during the day, but it cools down to comfortable, breezy weather at night. Kitesurfers can ride their heart out until the majestic setting sun melts into the red sandstone rocks.

Lagoinha Kite Beach with small waves coming in
Brazil - Lagoinha Beach

Situated in Brazil, Lagoinha Beach is easily one of the highly-rated beaches across South America. Earlier, it was famous as a hiding place for the notorious French pirates. Nowadays, the place is possibly one of the largest tourist attractions and a premium kite spot across the Sol Poente Route. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Logoinha Beach to witness their paradise of dreams. However, the area is home to a small community of fishermen living in tranquility. Apart from these, the famous kitesurf spot offers perfect beach breaks, reliable wind conditions, and a warm tropical summer vibe. So, to start your kite adventure in peace among coconut trees and white sand dunes, visit Lagoinha Beach.

Long sandbank at Galinhos Brazil Kitesurfspot
Brazil - Galinhos

The Kite Spot Galinhos is still an uncrowded Spot that offers more than some other Spots in Brazil. This spot is a real highlight with unique spot characteristics. In addition, due to some local strengthening effects, the Kite Spot Galinhos also has an even stronger wind than the area around Fortaleza. The wind blows mostly continuously, but builds up to full strength only by midday. 

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Brazil - Parajuru

Parajuru has emerged as one of the prime locations for kitesurfing in Brazil. Drive down south from Fortaleza for about 130 km, and you’ll spot this small fishing village. With beautiful white sand dunes and beds of shallow lagoons, Parajuru is a living paradise for the kitesurfers. The town is perhaps one tiny escape from the major tourist spots in Brazil. It’s calm yet vibrant at the same time. With wide Brazilian sunny beaches, freestyle restaurants, and enchanting seaside stays, Parajuru is one of those undiscovered gems. As a kite spot, it’s perfect for both a beginner and a pro.

Funny looking guy with stupid sunglasses kitesurfing in Tatajuba
Brazil - Tatajuba

The secluded fishing village of Tatajuba, midway between Jericoacoara and Camocin, is a peaceful oasis with a beautiful kitesurfing spot in Brazil. If you're visiting Brazil for kitesurfing and want to forget about the stresses of your daily life, Tatajuba is a must-see destination. The major attractions of this location are the beaches and lagoons, and there are also a few reasonably priced restaurants and various little bars to get a cold Caipirinha. There aren't many stores here, but there is a market nearby to get all the basics.

Tatajuba is a calm and peaceful Kite Spot in Brazil which provides ideal conditions for everyone, from beginners up to professional kiteboarders. You may well bump into some pro riders if you are lucky, as many of them head to Tatajuba to train their big air kiteboarding. This great kiteboard spot in Brazil is ideal for Wake style, Freeride, and Freestyle kitesurfers, but the strong wind means big air kiteboarding is amazing here!

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Brazil - Atins

Nestled on the northeast coast of Brazil, Atins is an undiscovered gem that offers an unparalleled kitesurfing experience. This tranquil fishing village is framed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the mesmerizing Lençóis Maranhenses National Park on the other, providing a backdrop of undulating sand dunes and emerald lagoons that make kitesurfing in Atins an unforgettable encounter.

View from Restaurant to Ilha do Guajiru lagoon with grass landing field
Brazil - Ilha do Guajiru

Ilha do Guajiru is one of the largest kitesurfing lagoons in Brazil, and is very popular with everyone from total beginners to pro riders. The wind blows for about 8 months of the year from June/July until January/February, and as it’s a little further North the wind in Ilha tends to blow a bit longer than some of the spots closer to Fortaleza. There are an abundance of good quality pousadas on the spot, and it can get pretty busy in the season particularly when a large tour group descends, but luckily the kite lagoon is large enough that you can always find some free space to kitesurf away from the crowd. There are a number of different kite spots in the lagoon, and it’s also a popular place to do downwinders, which can be arranged via the pousadas or you can just jump in a taxi and get dropped off somewhere upwind if you’re feeling adventurous!


Fishing boat at Sawadi Beach Oman
Oman - Sawadi Beach

Sawadi Beach Kitesurf Spot, near Barka, is a well-known holiday destination in Oman for locals and foreigners alike. Many travelers head north of Muscat because of the wide range of water sport activities nearby this excellent kite spot, so on top of some great kiteboarding you can also do diving cruises to the nearby Damanyat Islands.

The open and vast beach stretches several kilometres in both directions, allowing you to take long sunset walks. The area is dotted with high end hotels so it’s definitely more suited to a resort style kite trip, where you enjoy the luxury of your accommodation on the beach and kitesurf out in front of the hotel.

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Sri Lanka - Kappalady Lagoon

Kappalady lagoon is a small lagoon around 20km South of Kalpitiya, with warm water and wind for kitesurfing nearly 8 months of the year. It offers less gusty wind than the Kalpitiya lagoon in the summer season from May until September, and flat water for freestyle kiteboarding. It’s the best spot that you don’t need a boat to get to, which makes it a popular place to kitesurf in the area. The lagoon can get busy quickly in the season so knowing how to kitesurf close to others is essential here, but it’s the nicest kite spot in the summer season if you don’t want to get a boat to Vella island. The village itself is very small and the locals are generally friendly and helpful to any foreigners.

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Sri Lanka - Puttalam - the big Kahuna

Puttalam, a district located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, is an absolute paradise for kitesurfers. The crown jewel of the area is undoubtedly the Big Kahuna, a popular kitesurfing spot that offers ideal wind conditions, breathtaking views, and a kitesurfing experience that's second to none. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, Big Kahuna in Puttalam will exceed your expectations and provide a thrilling adventure on the waves.

Magical view ower green mangroves at Kappalady Lagoon
Sri Lanka - Kalpitiya (Big) Lagoon

Immersed in the raw beauty of Sri Lanka's western coastline, the Kalpitiya Lagoon is not just a destination for kitesurfing; it's a culturally rich oasis that invites exploration and immersion in a world far removed from the ordinary.
A veritable gem for kitesurfers, the lagoon offers an expansive stretch of flat, waist-deep water. This, coupled with the consistent winds driven by two distinct monsoon seasons, provides an environment that serves both beginners and experienced riders. The southwest monsoon from May to September delivers robust winds, while the northeast monsoon, from December to February, offers gentler yet equally engaging conditions.
But Kalpitiya Lagoon is more than just a prime kitesurfing spot; it's a window into an authentic Sri Lankan experience. Framed by palm-dotted shores and vibrant mangrove forests, the lagoon sits adjacent to local fishing villages, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rhythms of local life. The warm, inviting community shares its rich traditions and local cuisines with visitors, adding another enriching layer to the kitesurfing adventure.
Beyond the villages, the area's biodiversity is a spectacle in its own right. Between kitesurfing sessions, one can venture into a world of natural splendor, observing the local wildlife, such as dolphins and whales, or exploring the nearby Wilpattu National Park.
In essence, kitesurfing in Kalpitiya Lagoon is not merely a sport; it's an adventure intertwining exhilarating kitesurfing experiences with the rich tapestry of local culture and stunning natural beauty. It's not just about riding the wind; it's about embracing a unique journey that will leave you with memories as vivid as the Sri Lankan sunset.

Flat Water boring picture from Shutterstock showing Adams bridge
Sri Lanka - Adams Bridge

Adam's Bridge offers a flat water lagoon for kiteboarding with pumping wind during the summer, and choppy waves on the upwind side of the sandbar. In the winter the wind blows in the opposite direction and so the ocean side offers a stunning playground for hydrofoil kiteboarding and freestyle kitesurfing in offshore wind. With 8 months of wind in the year it’s unsurprising that Adam’s bridge is becoming more popular for kitesurfing, but it’s still very remote without much in the way of infrastructure close by and so isn’t anywhere as busy as the area around Kalpitiya.

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Maldives - Kuredu

Kuredu is a stunning island in the Maldives, offering a luxury kitesurfing getaway that’s tough to match for the scenery alone. The Maldives isn’t known for its pumping wind but Kuredu has a few windy months for kitesurfing each year and you can get lucky and have wind at any time of year. Kuredu offers a large area of flat shallow water inside the reef which is perfect for practicing your tricks or learning to kitesurf. The lagoon is protected by a 300m long jetty which means the water stays nice and flat for kiting even when the wind picks up. 

It’s an idyllic location but that luxury comes at a cost, and it’s not a cheap place to visit. There’s only one resort on the island and it is beautiful, so if you are planning a trip to the Maldives anyway this could be a great option to combine a romantic luxury getaway with an epic kite trip! The resort offers all you could ever want and more, including a 6 hole golf course and driving range for guests, so there’s no shortage of things to do even if the wind isn’t good enough for kiteboarding.

Green Tuktuk waiting for Passengers at White Beach Borocay
Philippines - White Beach

White Beach is one of the 7,107 tropical islands in the center of the Philippine group of islands. The place is 7 km long, 1-4 km wide, i.e., about 16 sq. km area. Here, you will find one of the most beautiful sunsets and the finest white sand beaches, as the name suggests. So, just hang around the beach barefoot and soak the warmth of the sand under your feet. Also, bask under the hot sun or lie beneath cool shades of endless palm avenues. As a kite spot, this place is a sensation among kitesurfers and lazy trippers.