Kitesurfing in Egypt

Kitesurfing in Egypt - find your perfect Kite Spot

Egypt is a top kitesurfing destination with world-renowned spots such as El Gouna, Hurghada, Dahab, and Soma Bay. Soma Bay, located on the Red Sea, boasts an impressive kitesurfing scene with its shallow lagoons, warm waters, and reliable winds. El Gouna offers calm, flat waters perfect for beginners, while Hurghada and Dahab provide strong winds and challenging waves for experienced kiteboarders. With its diverse marine life, stunning desert landscapes, and perfect kiteboarding conditions, Egypt is a must-visit destination for any kiteboarding enthusiast looking for an unforgettable adventure.
View from Hotel to the Kitesurf Beach in Safaga
Egypt - Safaga

Safaga is a well-known flat water Kite Spot located 5 km South of Soma Bay, offering a more traditional Egyptian village with minimal tourist facilities. There are a few shops and cafes here and there, as well as a small market and a fish and vegetable market. Depending on the tide and the spot you choose to locate yourself, you’ll have large sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by rugged terrain. Safaga is also a fantastic dive and snorkelling site so if the wind lets you down there’s still plenty to do

It’s not a spot for wave riders, but if you’re looking to learn or to practice kitesurfing in flat water then Safaga offers a huge area with warm water and consistent wind.

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Egypt - Seahorse Bay

Seahorse Bay Kitesurfing Spot is one of those dreamy flat water areas in Egypt that have had kite schools from the very beginning, and remain popular to this day. Several of the big German companies call this their home in Egypt and for good reason, with stunning crystal clear water, wind for most of the year and perfect kitesurfing conditions from total beginners up to professional freestyle kitesurfers. The local area doesn’t offer much in the way of traditional Egyptian history, but you can fly cheap from most European countries, it’s warmer than Europe, and Kitesurfing at Seahorse Bay offers great flat water experience without the crowds that you’ll normally find at some other Kitesurf Spots in Hurghada itself like Kitesurfing in Soma Bay or Kiteboarding in Hurghada Bay.

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Atoll between Hamata and Berince
Egypt - Hamata

Hamata Kite Spot offers a huge flat water lagoon, crystal clear water, the best wind statistics in Egypt, and a laid back atmosphere. If you want to kitesurf and not a lot else, this could be the perfect spot for your next kiteboarding holiday. There is a large waist deep area which makes this an ideal spot for anyone learning to kitesurf, and all the local kite schools offer lessons as well as transfers to the spot as none of them are directly on the kite spot itself. 

Hamata offers a little more greenery than a lot of the other Egyptian spots, and the mangroves on the upwind end of the lagoon really add to the beauty of this isolated kitesurfing paradise. With pretty consistent wind through the year this is definitely a good kite spot to put on the list to visit.

Sandy Beach in Lahami with Mountains in the Background
Egypt - Lahami Bay

Lahami bay and Wadi Lahami lagoon offer a huge flat and shallow area, perfect for learning to kitesurf or work on your best freestyle tricks. There are also a couple of waves breaking at the outside of the reef, so if you fancy throwing your kite surfboard in too there’s fun to be had there. A 2 km long narrow reef with a fantastic snorkeling area protects the kitesurf spot, meaning the water always stays pretty flat, even when the wind picks up. The peak tourist season in Lahami Bay begins in May and lasts until September, but it’s a spot which works year round and the winter is popular with European visitors as it’s a pretty short flight.

View from Kite House to Kite Beach in El Gouna KBC
Egypt - El Gouna

El Gouna is an Egyptian tourist resort on the Red Sea, built to resemble Venice with its various canals and lagoons. It also happens to be a reliable spot for wind and kitesurfing, and has been a favourite for European kitesurfers since the early days of the sport. It offers a great destination for families as well as hardcore kitesurfers, from total beginners to pro riders, with warm flat water and almost year round wind. Due to it being very much a constructed resort it’s not to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying it’s got everything you could need from a flat water kitesurfing spot. There are various options for accommodation ranging in price from budget to very high end, and there are a number of kite spots along the coast here depending on where you’re staying.

Dahab Lagoon View from Kiter to the Beach
Egypt - Dahab Lagoon

The kite spot Dahab used to be a small hidden hippie village in old times, then windsurfers took over for a while, and now it is a gold mine for kitesurfing in Egypt. Kiteboarding in Dahab is very popular due to the strong wind, a variety of spots all within pretty easy reach, tons of no wind activities and a great vibe in town with a plethora of bars and restaurants. Kitesurfers love the Dahab lagoon because of the side shore breeze, the shallow warm water and because there is plenty of room. You can launch your kite from a sandy beach, and the lagoon works for kitesurfing at high and low tide, although you should be careful in certain spots at low tide.

Meaningless Shutterstock Picture of Soma Bay
Egypt - Soma Bay

Soma Bay offers a huge area for kitesurfing, with crystal clear water and steady wind for most of the year. There are a few options for places to ride within Soma Bay itself and the kitesurfing conditions range from butter flat to slightly choppy depending where you are. It’s board shorts and tshirt for kiting during the summer, and only 4-5 hours flight from most of Europe, so it’s no wonder this beautiful place is such a popular destination for Europeans to kitesurf year round.

Egypt also offers an incredible amount of history and the Red sea a magnificent variety of sea life, so regardless of your reasons for visiting you won’t be disappointed.

People with stomach issues kitesurfing in Soma Bay
Egypt - Hurghada Bay

Hurghada, Egypt's original kite spot, has grown into one of the Red Sea's most popular kiteboarding destinations, thanks to its consistent wind, shallow, flat water and affordable package deals. The place is awash with hotels covering all budgets and styles, and the town is home to numerous bars and nightclubs. The incredible variety of weird and wonderful sea life found in the Red Sea near Hurghada initially brought the town to global attention as a diving hotspot, but in recent years kitesurfing has exploded in popularity there. The combination of warm, shallow, flat water and really consistent winds make it a perfect place for everyone from total beginners to professional kitesurfers.