Kite Station of Mitu and Djo

Kite Beach Sal Kitesurf Spot in Sal

Africa Kiteboard Spot in Cape Verde

Kite Beach in Sal is one of the most popular kite spots on the island, with a mix of waves and flat water, and is also one of the only places on the island where you can learn to kitesurf. It is located a short distance from the main town of Santa Maria, and due to the pretty friendly kitesurfing conditions and the fact you can choose to kite with either your surfboard or twintip, it tends to be one of the busiest spots in Sal. The island is home to multiple world champion wave kitesurfers, and kite beach is the place where a lot of people hone their skills before hitting the more aggressive wave spots around the island. The wind blows cross onshore, so it’s perfect if you aren’t super comfortable with the waves as you know you will always be blown back to the beach.

Kite Beach Sal Kitesurf season

Kite Beach Sal Kitesurfing wind conditions

The best time to travel to Kite Beach and Santa Maria for kitesurfing is from November to April. This is the time that the trade wind blows so you can be confident you will have reliable wind conditions, and the swells roll through regularly making for excellent wave kitesurfing conditions. During this period, the temperature fluctuates from about 20 to 25 degrees, so you’ll be fine during the day with a t-shirt but you’ll want a wetsuit for kitesurfing as it can get a little chilly, especially towards sunset. 

As it’s one of the more popular spots on the island it can get a little busy on the water here, but if you are prepared to wait then you can normally find time to kite with less people.

  • body wear

    • long neo
    • short neo
  • downwinder

    • Yes
  • ride type

    • freeride
    • freestyle
    • wakestyle
    • wave
  • skill level

    • beginner
    • intermediate
    • advanced
    • professional
  • spot type

    • island
    • ocean
  • starting area

    • sandy beach
  • water condition

    • choppy
    • medium wave
  • wind daytime

    • all day
  • wind type

    • passat


Kite Station of Mitu and Djo
Blue kite at the beach of Cabo Verde
Hoping for visual impaired people seeing this. It’s kites at the beach.
Das ist ein Kitestrand in Sal.

Wind Stats for Kite Beach Sal Kiteboarding

Around the Kiteboarding Spot Kite Beach Sal

The local town is small but has a lot going on for kitesurfers looking for a bit of down time away from the water. You can do various guided tours of the island starting from Santa Maria, or just rent a bike or car and head out on your own to explore. In town itself you’ll find plenty of options for food and drink, with beach side BBQ’s aplenty and some seriously good caipirinhas if you’re planning a longer night out! There’s always generally something happening in the evening so if you fancy a party you’ll find it within easy walking distance.

  • camper parking

    • Not allowed, but possible
  • car parking

    • Nearby
  • emergency

    • A medical center
    • A rescue service
    • Kite repair
  • has restaurant

    • Yes
  • has toilet

    • Yes
  • has shower

    • Yes

How to get to Kite Beach Sal and how to bring it about while you're there

Fly to El Salvador international airport (SAL) and from there it’s a quick 20 minute taxi to Santa Maria and Kite Beach. You can rent a car if you want but it’s generally unnecessary as you will only need it to get to the kite beach, and taxis are easy to find and reasonably priced. The best bet is to find accommodation in Santa Maria so you can reach everything by walking.

  • accommodation

    • near the spot
  • public transport

    • Mellow
  • rental cars

    • Recommended

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Wind Forecast for Kite Beach Sal Kitesurfing


Yes, Kite Beach Sal in Cape Verde is a popular spot for kiteboarding, offering a mix of waves and flat water, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced kiteboarders.

Kiteboarding Spots around Sal

Wave Sufer riding a white water wave at Kitesurfspot Ponta Preta
Cape Verde - Ponta Preta

Ponta Preta is a gnarly but incredible wave spot, with a wave that breaks close to the rocks and with offshore wind, so it’s definitely for advanced kitesurfers only! If you are at a level to take this one on you’ll be stoked with the long pumping waves and perfect cross offshore wind direction. The waves can get really big here, and the launch isn’t exactly the easiest with a big shore break to get through, but it’s totally worth it for the kitesurfing conditions once you get out. The wave kitesurfing world tour has stopped here more than once, and it’s home to Mitu Monteiro and Airton Cozzolino, two of the best wave kitesurfers in the world. If you could name a reason they got so good, it might be having Ponta Preta on their doorstep!

Placeholder 2
Cape Verde - Santa Maria

In the heart of the expansive Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Senegal, lies the invaluable archipelago of Cape Verde. This seemingly modest cluster of islands, however, holds immense significance, not only for its geographical allure but also as a haven for board sports enthusiasts. The ION CLUB Sal, with its two distinct centers strategically placed on the beautiful Santa Maria beach and in Ponta Leme, embodies the essence of this aquatic paradise.

2 kites in the breaking waves at Ponta Sino
Cape Verde - Ponta Sino

Ponta Sino lies at the Western end of Kite Beach in Cape Verde, offering a mid size wave generally more suited to intermediate and advanced kitesurfers. The wind here blows cross or cross off shore so be careful not to kitesurf too far out past the point and into the open ocean. It’s one of the kite spots which is popular for jumping and freestyle, due to the waves breaking over a shallow reef with flat spots in between the waves. Kitesurfers wanting to jump should watch out for wave riders and vice versa.

Cape Verde itself is well known for its kitesurfing, and there are multiple local riders competing on the kitesurfing world tour. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see them in action in the waves, and if conditions are perfect you can head to Ponta Preta to watch or partake in some serious wave riding. Santa Maria is the local town where there is generally a really good vibe with all the kitesurfers hanging out in the evening, and the local seafood is as fresh as can be!