Kitesurfing in Greece

Kitesurfing in Greece - find your perfect Kite Spot

Greece is a paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts with its turquoise waters, stunning beaches, and ideal wind conditions. The island of Paros is a hot spot for kiteboarding with its steady Meltemi winds and flat water lagoons, perfect for freestyle and freeride kiteboarding. Other popular spots include the island of Rhodes, which offers excellent wave-riding opportunities, and the coast of Athens, which has a vibrant urban kiteboarding scene. With its ancient history, vibrant culture, and endless kiteboarding opportunities, Greece is a must-visit destination for any kiteboarding enthusiast looking for an unforgettable adventure.
Mikri Vigla Beach in Naxos Greece View From the Beach
Greece - Mikri Viglia Beach

Discover the mesmerizing allure of kitesurfing at Mikri Viglia Beach in Naxos, Greece. Nestled within the enchanting Cyclades, this kite spot is renowned as one of the best destinations for kitesurfing in the entire archipelago. With over 200 windy days per year and safe, steady conditions, Mikri Viglia Beach offers an exhilarating experience for riders of all levels. The dominant North winds, coupled with the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings, have made this spot a favorite among kite enthusiasts. Prepare for an unforgettable kitesurfing adventure at the incomparable Mikri Viglia kite beach.

Aliki Beach Kitesurfing in Limnos with a few kiters in sunset on the water
Greece - Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach in Lemnos is the first kitesurfing only beach on the island and offers great wind all summer long thanks to the Meltemi thermal, which blows side shore from June to October. It’s got a shallow spot closer to shore perfect for beginners to learn kitesurfing, and then drops off deep pretty quickly making this a perfect place for practicing or learning hydrofoil kitesurfing. The island of Lemnos offers plenty in terms of beaches and beauty, and also has a lot of history (as do so many of the Greek islands!) so it makes for a good family kite holiday destination with a bit of everything to keep all members happy (if they aren’t already kitesurfing too!). The wind here normally only comes later in the day, so it’s a lazy kind of vibe in the mornings, great for when you just want to unwind and not stress yourself with catching the perfect wind.

Saint Laurent du Var Kitesurfing in Nice kitesurfer guy walking to the kitespot with a bagpack
Greece - Kohilari Beach

The Kohilari kite spot is located in the Western part of Kos, just North of Kefalos. Beginners and skilled kitesurfers will love the 2km long soft and sandy Kohilari Beach, and it's a perfect place to enjoy the gorgeous sunset view. To get over here, you'll need a car, but it’s well worth it: a relaxing ambiance, beautiful landscapes, and scrumptious food. The dreamy Kohilary Beach has shallow turquoise water which breaks into small white waves with a large blue sky above. The best months to visit Kos - Kohilari Beach for kitesurfing are June, July, and August. The Kohilari kite school in Kefalos is ideal for kitesurfers who want to play in the waves, but also has some flat sections in between if you're into freestyle kiteboarding.

Paralia Pounta Kitesurfing in Kos with a kiter jumping high and a foil kitesurfer getting ready
Greece - Paralia Pounta

Paralia Pounta is a magnificent sandy beach that emerged as a premium kite spot for years. The 60 meters wide beach with its smooth sand dunes and vibrant mangrove series provides an ideal environment for travelers to soak in the beach vibe. Situated in the island capital, the Pounta beach is 250 meters long and widely famous among solo adventurers and nomads. And when you visit this place, don’t forget to taste some fresh wines from the beachside local wineries while walking across the shoreline. Paralia Pounta is also famous for its low criminal records. All these with amazing land views to be stocked at, make the place a perfect holiday destination for travelers around the globe.

Paralia Pounta is the perfect place to start your kitesurfing journey. Since the beach is long and wide, you will get sufficient space to learn and improve your kiteboarding skills. Also, you get a host of kite schools, training centers, rescue services, medical services, and kite repair centers around here.The steady winds help you land, launch, and set up your kite. But we recommend you always perform your kitesurfing skills under guidance if you are new to this game. However, the beach gets extremely crowded during the peak seasons. Therefore, you may face some difficulty in launching and landing your kite. Besides, you will find budget-friendly accommodations at the kitesurf spot. The surroundings around the place are mixed and vibrant.

Ornos Kitesurfing in Mykonos Greece Kitesurfer guy riding into red sundown
Greece - Ornos

Mykonos is a popular and groovy tourist spot and a part of the Cyclades Islands in Greece. With the picturesque emerald beaches and beautiful landscapes, the island is absolutely charming and has a cosmopolitan feel. As a kite spot, this beach will beat many in the leading run. With choppy to flat, shallow water and gusty yet stable wind, this place manages to attract kitesurfers around the world. Many consider Mykonos as one of the best party islands in Europe for its dynamic nightlife. Hence, the place is also known as the "Ibiza of Greece." Besides, the trendy beach ambience and mesmerizing seascapes will steal your heart for sure.

Ornos is a beautiful and versatile beach that offers water sports, luxury accommodations, and gorgeous architecture. Nomads, couples, and families, everyone can spend their laid back beach vacay here. The beach has fine sand that curves inwards, forming a bay that serves as an excellent kitesurf spot. The water is tide independent, hence stable. But due to the gusty winds, the water sometimes becomes choppy, suitable for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers. For their safety, beginners should surf under the supervision of an instructor.

Psalidi Beach Kiteboarding in Kos instructor with a student sitting on the stony shore with a kite laying on the water
Greece - Psalidi Beach

The Greek islands are a goldmine for warm summer kite spots, and Psalidi beach is no exception. The Meltemi thermal wind coupled with a venturi effect between Turkey and the Greek coast make for a reliably windy spot, great for kitesurfing and only a few hours flight from the rest of Europe. The island of Kos offers a little bit of something for everyone, so like much of Greece Psalidi beach makes for a great “family holiday mixed with kitesurfing” destination, and any non kitesurfers will find plenty of other things to do. However, it can be a bit overly touristy in the school holidays (July and August) so it really depends on what you are after.

Marmari Beach Kitesurfing in Kos view from above along the large sandy beach with lounge chairs and the turqouise ocean
Greece - Marmari Beach

Marmari beach offers the strongest wind for kitesurfing in Kos, thanks to a venturi effect between two islands located a few kilometers offshore. It is located in a small, picturesque Greek town on the Northern coast of Kos, which draws visitors with its beautiful beach, traditional Greek flare and a plethora of restaurants and pubs. Marmari is ideal for kitesurfers and windsurfers alike, with plenty of space and the strong wind giving awesome conditions for both. The kite school is located on the beach, sheltered at the foot of the cliffs, about a 10-minute walk from the kiteboarding area and 2 kilometers from Marmari's main town.

Lefkada Lagoon Kitesurfing in Greece image view from far above the beach with stony flat hills
Greece - Lefkada Lagoon

The Kite Spot Lefkada Lagoon is one of three Kite Spots near Lefkada and offers constant thermal wind for kitesurfing, especially in summer. It can get quite crowded here in high season, although the bay is also quite large.  The Lefkada Lagoon Kite Spot is a better known Kite Spot. It is also ideal for kite beginners and great for camping. The Lefkada lagoon, also known as Vassiliki Bay, is a popular kitesurfing spot on the island of Lefkada, Greece. It offers excellent wind conditions and attracts kitesurfing enthusiasts from around the world.

Lefkada Beach Kitesurfing in Greece aerial view on the white sand and bright blue ocean with about 50 kitesurfers on the water and one sailing boat in the background
Greece - Lefkada beach

Kitesurfing in Lefkada is one of the most popular water sports on the island! Not far from Agios Nikolaos, a small and idyllic town, are several Kite Spots, which are excellent to visit by camper. Every year people from all over the world flock to Lefkada for kitesurfing, because Lefkas boasts ideal wind conditions with constant thermal winds every day after noon. Lefkada, a beautiful island in Greece, offers excellent opportunities for beach kitesurfing. Here's a quick summary of kitesurfing on the beaches of Lefkada. Lefkada has several stunning beaches that are suitable for kitesurfing, including Vassiliki, Kathisma, Milos, and Agios Ioannis. These beaches feature wide stretches of sand and clear waters, providing ample space for kitesurfing activities.

Agrilaopotamos Beach Kitesurfing with a kiter in sunset in dark blue water
Greece - Agrilaopotamos Beach

The Kite Spot on the island Karpathos is best known as the "strong wind island" in the Aegean. Located between Crete and Rhodes, Karpathos has something of everything: in the north you can find authentic mountain villages and pine forests - in the south, the landscape is rather barren and rugged, but the sea is crystal clear, and there are hardly any large hotel complexes.

Kitesurfing in Karpathos was undetected and in the shadow of other Greek islands. Perfect sideshore wind conditions, a lagoon with crystal clear water, some shallow water and a reef with a clean wave make the spot a real pearl!

Paralia Kastraki Kitsurfing Spot in Greece white sand and a long beach without any kitesurfer on the water no a sunny calm day
Greece - Paralia Kastraki

According to Greek mythology, the father of the 12 ancient Greek gods, Zeus was raised on this island. Kastraki is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches on Naxos Island for kitesurfing. It is a perfect place to get away from the touristic part of the island and experience a real sense of seclusion. The beach has all the qualities expected of a Greek island. You can observe cool, crystal-clear water kissing the light sand and the clear turquoise horizons rising from a unique landscape. The beach is 3km long and rarely gets crowded, so you get a vast area to kitesurf. So if you want to hang around barefoot and lazy across the breezy shorelines and occasionally kitesurf, come to Paralia Kastraki.

The beautiful white sandy virgin beach of Kastraki falls next to Mikri Vigla is a premium kite spot suitable for all types of travelers. It is a quiet nook, and most of it is covered in dunes. The gusty winds make the water choppy sometimes, so you have to be an experienced kitesurfer to cut through the chops. Look out for the rocks and corals beneath the sea surface and dodge while surfing. Also, be careful of sea urchins on the rocks, wear swim shoes for protection. The water rises and falls with the tide. Research beforehand and pick your perfect time to flock in. Apart from few cedar trees, the beach lacks natural shade, so make sure to bring an umbrella. The best months to kiteboard here are June, July, August, and September.

Kremaski Beach Kiteboarding in Rhodos Greec with bright blue water green trees and kiters in the background surfing on the water
Greece - Kremaski Beach

The beach is truly stunning - a 10-kilometer strip of golden sand and small stones that stretches down the North Western shore, with crystal blue water and a steady thermal wind all through the summer, making it perfect for kitesurfing. The exquisite scenery is complemented by green tree clusters alongside the beach — you can't help but fall in love with Kremasti beach.

Kremasti Beach Kite Spot is located in the north of the island and is popular among tourists and locals so it can get a little busy particularly at weekends. However, due to the Meltemi thermal you can rely on steady wind here for most of the summer. Rhodes itself is a picture perfect Greek island, with a fantastic mix of beaches, food and drink, and historical monuments to suit all tastes, so it’s a great option for a family holiday.

Paralia Glifada Kitesurfing in Naxos Greece with a catamaran boat in front on white sand, some people laying on the beach and a few kitesurfers surfing in the background
Greece - Paralia Glifada

Paralia Glifada is one prominent kite spot in the heart of the Ionian Sea. This off-beat kitesurfing destination identifies itself with wide sandy beaches, mesmerizing land views to be stocked at, and stable wind directions. The location stands unique with its authentic Greek ethnicity and simple beachside lifestyle. Apart from being a prime kitesurfing corner, Paralia Glifada spots as a much-appreciated travel destination for solo backpackers, family trippers, and nomads who simply want to hang around and soak in the local vibe. If you are a kiteboarding rookie or a pro-level crest gamer, say Hi to Paralia Glifada in Greece.

Paralia Glifada is a kitesurf spot in the Komotini municipal city in the Greek continent in Europe. Located in the cradles of the Ionian Sea towards the north-western coasts of Corfu Island, this location is a hotspot for kiteboard fanatics. With choppy to flat, shallow water bed, perfect beach breaks, reliable trade wind, and a vast beach with fine sands, this place serves all possible favorable conditions for kitesurfers to enjoy the wave cutting game. Paralia Glifada is ideal for wake style, freestyle, hydrofoil, and freeride kiteboarders. If you are a beginner, you’ll find a kite school in almost every corner of this place. Whether you are a kitesurfer, a bohemian, or a family traveler, Paralia Glifada serves a plethora of water activities for all your interests. 

Keros beach Kitesurfing in Limnos Greece pleople laying in their beach chairs on thite sand and three kites flying on the sea in the background on a great sunny windy day
Greece - Keros beach

Keros offers a large bay with flat water, some bump and jump chop and even some small waves on the outside, making it a perfect spot for any level of kitesurfer. It’s 32 kilometers east of Myrina, Limnos city and a few kilometers from Kalliopi town so it’s easy to get around and see more of Limnos. Keros is a turquoise patch of heaven which is suitable for kiteboarding and other water sports. There aren’t many spots which offer this level of safety for learning to kiteboard, alongside perfect conditions for freeride and freestyle kitesurfers. Because of the huge standing area, the bay is perfect for anyone looking to learn to kitesurf. In the shallow flat water at the upwind side of the bay you have the perfect kite spot for practicing your freestyle tricks. 

Mastichari Beach Kitesurfing in Kos natural hilly beach with fine wihte sand and 2 kitesurfers in the background on the windy sea
Greece - Mastichari Beach

Mastichari Beach, on the Greek island of Kos, is a perfect Kite Spot with a broad sandy beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This spectacular location is far apart from mass tourism. It offers a wide range of recreational activities, making it perfect for anyone looking to escape from the crowds at the northern and southern kite spots. The large sandy beach and family-friendly accommodations make our kite spot ideal for a family vacation with beautiful warm temperatures and favorable wind conditions from April until the end of October. Mastichari Beach is a great family-friendly kitesurfing destination in Kos, with conditions for beginner, professional, advanced, and intermediate kitesurfers. Come here to have an incredible kitesurfing experience.

This Ocean and Island kite spot in Kos is suitable for Freestyle, Wakestyle, and Wave kiters. Kitesurfing is usually started on a sandy beach with little regard for tides. The months of July and August are the busiest in Mastichari Beach. It only takes a day or two to feel like you've known the warm and welcoming people of Kos for a long time. Mastichari, a tiny fishing village, is home to kite spot activities and has a genuine local vibe away from the mass tourism found elsewhere on the island. Join one of the local kite schools to make the most of your vacation time.

Kitesurfing iconic shot of a kiter making a turn in the sunset with at red sky
Greece - Theologos Beach

The Kite Spot Theologos is on a narrow but long sandy and pebble beach close from the center of Rhodos. The beach falls off quite quickly. The cozy village of Theologos is a perfect starting point to experience the Greek flair and to enjoy excursions in Rhodes. On some days a nice wave on the sandbank and a moderate shorebreak build up in the shore area.

Sigri Kitesurfing in Lesbos Greece image of a closeup shot of a woman holding her turqoise kite smiling on the beach
Greece - Sigri

Located on the western side of Lesvos Island, Sigri is a small fishing village with a protected bay and consistent thermal wind all through the summer, making it a great flat water kitesurfing and windsurfing spot. The Meltemi wind which blows from May until October means there is wind most days, so the lack of local amenities won’t be a problem as you’ll probably spend all of your time on the water anyway. There’s no ATM or petrol station in town, so you need to think ahead if you are coming here, but the relaxed local vibe, traditional buildings and local restaurants offering fantastically fresh seafood all add up to a great package if you want to unwind and get away from it all.

Agios Nikolaos Beach Kitesurfing in Greece kitesurfer making a trick touching the water surface with his hand flying over the water in a beautiful red sunset
Greece - Agios Nikolaos Beach

The Kite Spot is tall and divided in two parts. The lake side is reserved for the school and the swimmers. The lagoon side is absolutely ideal for freestyle tricks, as there is absolutely shallow water here.

The Spot is safe and there is virtually no danger for kiters. Especially the division of the 2 zones provides the necessary space comfort, so that the school does not get in the way with the experienced kiters. From the culinary aspect of course you know that you are always well supplied with local food.

Kitesurfing iconic shot of a kiter making a turn in the sunset with at red sky
Greece - Caretta Beach

Caretta Beach is a secret heaven in the south coastal belts of Cyprus. Residing in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this off-beat beach in the Greek continent has emerged as a prime kite spot. A natural reserve for sea turtles, Caretta Beach has more reasons to flock in. For the kitesurfer communities around the world, this beach appears like a treasure undiscovered. This kitesurf spot leaves many leading beaches behind with magnificent turquoise shallow water beds and reliable trade wind. The beach has to offer a simple, laid-back life with less worries and complications. If you are a solo adventurer, a gypsy, or a kiteboarding freak, fly into this Greek land of magic.

Cape Drepano Kitesurfing in Peleponnese in Greece beautiful aerial shot from above showing the edge ot the beach with turqoise water and a pink kite in the air
Greece - Cape Drepano

Cape Drepano Kite Spot has become famous in recent years as pro kitesurfers like Youri Zoon and Paula Novotna have been going there to train, and posting pictures and videos of this idyllic flat water spot on instagram. It offers steady wind and butter flat water behind the “sand” bank at low tide in both West and East wind directions, and you can kitesurf year round, although summer is the main season. It offers wind 250+ days per year but can be fickle and sometimes only a few hours kitesurfing at a time, so it’s best to consult the forecasts and get in touch with the local kite schools if you aren’t sure. 

As it’s not far from Athens it can get crowded with other kitesurfers particularly at weekends in the season, and you’re pretty likely to run into European pro kitesurfers as it’s a nearby destination with consistent wind. Due to the wind direction, size and shape of the spot this is much more suited to intermediate and advanced riders who are comfortable riding in a rotation: i.e. come in, do your trick, ride out, repeat, so everyone gets a spot to practice. You can learn here with a local school if they offer boat rescue, but it’s not a particularly beginner friendly place.

Prasonisi Beach Kiteboarding in Greeece image with about 20 kites in the yellow sunset and brownish sand in front
Greece - Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi Beach Kite Spot is located on the southern tip of the Greek island of Rhodes. A spit of sand that is sometimes overflowing, connects the mainland with this offshore island. The Kite Spot Prasonisi Beach offers three kitestations but only a few accommodations, two restaurants and two supermarkets.

The beach of Prasonisi is very large and spacious with a shallow water side with very good water quality and a wave side often accumulated of seaweed and some flotsam near the shore. In the front area it consists of dunes, which are partly overgrown. Kitesurfing in Prasonisi can get very crowded at peak season with a relative small kitesurfing area - definitely not for beginners.