2-3 weeks kitesurf trip in Brazil for beginners

From Fortaleza up the northern brazilian cost - our recommendations

Brazil is a must seen for every kitesurfer. Amazing long white beaches, clean side onshore trade winds, decent infrastructure, great roads to travel and well visited by kitesurfers from around the world. Given the versatility of the various spots northern coast of Brazil it is recommended traveling around and not just stay in Cumbucco and call it a day.
Beginners - unable to ride upwind. Strong winds often create turbulent water and waves. Many spots are not really beginner friendly. Either because there are too many waves to hop in, or the way out of the water further down wind is not pleasent (walk of shame back, that we all did). During peak season in November where the spots are busy, you can skip places like Cumbuco, Paracuru, Icarai and head straight to Ilha do Guajiru to learn riding upwind. Here is a spot selection that are all suitable for beginners due to their easy conditions. If you are advanced, head to our brazil country page and see all spots.
Part in roof top bar over Jericoacoara
Brazil - Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is a popular tourist stop in Northern Brazil and has been a windsurfing mecca since the 80s. It is a former fishing town in the middle of the sand dunes with pumping wind, and the town offers a nice mix of traditional Brazilian feeling and crazy parties all night long. This is a popular stopover when you fancy a bit of a rest from kitesurfing, rather than a main kitesurf spot itself, and great for a party and soaking in the vibes. You can kitesurf from the sunset dune if you like but actually kitesurfing from the main point in Jericoacoara is forbidden and reserved for windsurfers only. In front of the dune is gusty and not much fun, so in order to kitesurf you will either want to get a buggy to the nearby lagoons and beaches, or launch your kite from Jericoacoara, kitesurf downwind and get picked up at the end. The local kite schools offer shuttles, trips and downwind services so the best bet is to get in touch with them for more info.

View from Restaurant to Ilha do Guajiru lagoon with grass landing field
Brazil - Ilha do Guajiru

Ilha do Guajiru is one of the largest kitesurfing lagoons in Brazil, and is very popular with everyone from total beginners to pro riders. The wind blows for about 8 months of the year from June/July until January/February, and as it’s a little further North the wind in Ilha tends to blow a bit longer than some of the spots closer to Fortaleza. There are an abundance of good quality pousadas on the spot, and it can get pretty busy in the season particularly when a large tour group descends, but luckily the kite lagoon is large enough that you can always find some free space to kitesurf away from the crowd. There are a number of different kite spots in the lagoon, and it’s also a popular place to do downwinders, which can be arranged via the pousadas or you can just jump in a taxi and get dropped off somewhere upwind if you’re feeling adventurous!

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Brazil - Lagoa Taiba

Nestled along Ceara's captivating coastline, Taiba stands as a revered kitesurfing haven, distinguished by its harmonious mix of flat water and exhilarating waves. Situated just over 72 kilometers (45 miles) from Fortaleza, this unassuming town has etched its place not only for its exceptional kitesurfing conditions but also for the serene ambiance and breathtaking natural surroundings that define its allure.

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Brazil - Praia de Mundau

Welcome to Mundau, a kitesurfing destination renowned for its consistent wind conditions and breathtaking surroundings. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the specifics of kitesurfing in Mundau, providing you with a wealth of information to ensure a thorough understanding of this coastal paradise. From detailed wind patterns to local insights and safety considerations, our goal is to equip you with everything you need for a successful and informed kiteboarding experience.

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Brazil - Praia de Guriu

Nestled along Brazil's northeastern coastline, Praia de Guriu beckons kitesurfing enthusiasts to a tranquil haven of wind and waves. In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets of Praia de Guriu, from its reliable wind conditions that make every ride memorable to the local charm that adds an extra layer of bliss to your kitesurfing adventure. Let's dive into the details and ensure your visit to this hidden Brazilian paradise is everything you've dreamed of.

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Brazil - Lagoa da Barra Nova

Welcome to the exhilarating world of kitesurfing at Lagoa da Barra Nova! Nestled in a tropical haven, this kite spot offers an enchanting blend of professional challenges and empathic relaxation. With its consistent wind patterns and breathtaking scenery, it's a paradise for kitesurfers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Kiter getting ready for session in Praia do Prea
Brazil - Praia do Prea

There are good reasons why in November 2018 the GKA Kitesurf World Tour was hold in Praia do Prea in the state of Ceara. In the international known "land of the wind" Brazil you will be surprised about the endless wind you can enjoy along the 15km coast side all day long. Praia do prea, unlike its brother Jericoacoara, is rather calm and laid-back, perfect to focus on your kiteboarding progression. Praia do Prea, nestled on the stunning coast of Brazil, is a dream destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts. With its consistent winds, vast sandy beaches, and breathtaking natural surroundings, it offers an unforgettable kitesurfing experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, Praia do Prea has something to offer for everyone.

high angle short of hte beach and the oceian in fortaleza brasil
Brazil - Fortaleza

Welcome to the coastal gem of Fortaleza, a kitesurfer's haven where azure waters and steady winds converge to create the perfect playground for kite enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking thrilling waves or a beginner eager to master the art of kitesurfing, Fortaleza promises an unforgettable experience.

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Brazil - Taibinha

Discover the adrenaline of wave riding at Taibinha, located on the western end of Taiba. This kitesurfing haven beckons thrill-seekers to conquer waves up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters), creating a dynamic watersports atmosphere against the stunning backdrop of the Atlantic.

Windmills at Icaraizinho Beach in Brazil
Brazil - Icaraizinho

Half way between Fortaleza and Jericoacara there is Icaraizinho, a small fishing village with a handful of restaurants, bars and tiny supermarkets. The kitesurfing bay along the beautiful sandy beach is very relaxing. A great place if you really want to chill, relax in the sun, live life easy without too many choices and surf during the day. It is a great stop by before you go up to crowded Ilha do Guajiru or when you have had enough of the density stress and you are on your way back home. One way or the other, a great place to be for a couple of days. 

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Brazil - Paracuru

Welcome to Quebra Mar, an exceptional kitesurfing haven situated to the east of Paracuru. Known as one of the premier wave spots in the region, Quebra Mar beckons enthusiasts to experience the thrill of kitesurfing against the backdrop of pristine waves and natural beauty.

Green blue water at Uruau Brazil Kitesurfing Spot
Brazil - Uruau

Uruau resides as a part of the municipality of Beberibe, about 120 km southeast of Fortaleza. It is a premium kite spot that got its name from the lake Uruau, famous for the practice of maritime sports. The beach is peaceful and unspoiled, away from the busy corners of Beberibe. Hence, the place is perfect for tourists seeking to spend their holidays in peace. Flock in here, take a dip in the calm, green sea, and you will feel all charged up for further adventures. Uruau has warm sunny weather during the day, but it cools down to comfortable, breezy weather at night. Kitesurfers can ride their heart out until the majestic setting sun melts into the red sandstone rocks.

Lagoinha Kite Beach with small waves coming in
Brazil - Lagoinha Beach

Situated in Brazil, Lagoinha Beach is easily one of the highly-rated beaches across South America. Earlier, it was famous as a hiding place for the notorious French pirates. Nowadays, the place is possibly one of the largest tourist attractions and a premium kite spot across the Sol Poente Route. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Logoinha Beach to witness their paradise of dreams. However, the area is home to a small community of fishermen living in tranquility. Apart from these, the famous kitesurf spot offers perfect beach breaks, reliable wind conditions, and a warm tropical summer vibe. So, to start your kite adventure in peace among coconut trees and white sand dunes, visit Lagoinha Beach.

Long sandbank at Galinhos Brazil Kitesurfspot
Brazil - Galinhos

The Kite Spot Galinhos is still an uncrowded Spot that offers more than some other Spots in Brazil. This spot is a real highlight with unique spot characteristics. In addition, due to some local strengthening effects, the Kite Spot Galinhos also has an even stronger wind than the area around Fortaleza. The wind blows mostly continuously, but builds up to full strength only by midday. 

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Brazil - Parajuru

Parajuru has emerged as one of the prime locations for kitesurfing in Brazil. Drive down south from Fortaleza for about 130 km, and you’ll spot this small fishing village. With beautiful white sand dunes and beds of shallow lagoons, Parajuru is a living paradise for the kitesurfers. The town is perhaps one tiny escape from the major tourist spots in Brazil. It’s calm yet vibrant at the same time. With wide Brazilian sunny beaches, freestyle restaurants, and enchanting seaside stays, Parajuru is one of those undiscovered gems. As a kite spot, it’s perfect for both a beginner and a pro.

Funny looking guy with stupid sunglasses kitesurfing in Tatajuba
Brazil - Tatajuba

The secluded fishing village of Tatajuba, midway between Jericoacoara and Camocin, is a peaceful oasis with a beautiful kitesurfing spot in Brazil. If you're visiting Brazil for kitesurfing and want to forget about the stresses of your daily life, Tatajuba is a must-see destination. The major attractions of this location are the beaches and lagoons, and there are also a few reasonably priced restaurants and various little bars to get a cold Caipirinha. There aren't many stores here, but there is a market nearby to get all the basics.

Tatajuba is a calm and peaceful Kite Spot in Brazil which provides ideal conditions for everyone, from beginners up to professional kiteboarders. You may well bump into some pro riders if you are lucky, as many of them head to Tatajuba to train their big air kiteboarding. This great kiteboard spot in Brazil is ideal for Wake style, Freeride, and Freestyle kitesurfers, but the strong wind means big air kiteboarding is amazing here!

Cumbuco Beach heavily photoshoped but looking nice
Brazil - Cumbuco

Cumbuco is the closest kite spot to the airport and as such is a pretty common first stopping point for kitesurfers visiting Brazil’s amazing Northern coastline. This former fishing village has become a popular tourist town built primarily around kitesurfing, which is also very popular with Brazilian tourists as well. There are hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars to suit all budgets, and it’s where you’ll find the biggest parties and loads of other kitesurfers to hang out with. 

The beach front is a very popular kitesurfing spot and during the season you’ll see hundreds of kites all the way up and down the beach, with a few waves breaking here and there on the various sandbars. There are 2 popular lagoons nearby as well, so you can choose whether you want to kite directly off the beach in the ocean, or travel a little to visit the perfect flat water spots. Because it can get so busy it’s not for everyone, but it’s also a nice place to spend a night after a long flight, before heading further North to explore more of what Ceara has to offer. It’s also a popular starting point for the super long downwind trips you can do in Brazil.

Philippe crashing his kite hard in Barra Grande Lagoon
Brazil - Barra Grande

Barra Grande, an enchanting nook in Bahia, Brazil, has firmly marked itself on the map as a premier kitesurfing destination. Boasting consistent winds, azure waters, and a memorable downwind course to Macapa, this is a spot that offers far more than just an adrenaline thrill.

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Brazil - Atins

Nestled on the northeast coast of Brazil, Atins is an undiscovered gem that offers an unparalleled kitesurfing experience. This tranquil fishing village is framed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the mesmerizing Lençóis Maranhenses National Park on the other, providing a backdrop of undulating sand dunes and emerald lagoons that make kitesurfing in Atins an unforgettable encounter.

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Brazil - Barrinha

Situated along the Brazilian coastline from Mundau to Jericoacoara, Barrinha near Baleia emerges as a noteworthy destination for kitesurfing aficionados. This locale, celebrated for its historical significance and optimal wind conditions, stands as an appealing option for those seeking both adventure and cultural immersion.

Roger doing a high jump that he will never land but it looks cool
Brazil - Praia de Macapa

Welcome to the kitesurfing haven of Praia de Macapa, a hidden gem nestled north of Barra Grande. With its pristine shores and wind-kissed waves, this spot beckons both seasoned riders and newcomers to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in a truly magical setting.

Black and White colored Lighthouse in Sao Miguel do Gostoso
Brazil - Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Sao Miguel do Gostoso used to be a quiet fishing village a few years back. But the emerging fascination for kitesurfing among this generation has made it a safe delight for adventure seekers. The village turned cosmopolitan small town resides in the northeast territories of Brazil, as a prominent tourist retreat in the Rio Grande. 120 km away from Natal, the capital city of Rio Grande de Norte, this place is unique with its laid-back charm and simple lifestyle. Moreover, wide stretches of golden sands, blue oceanic beds, and mesmerizing sunsets feed the soul with tranquility and delight. The abundance of fisheries helped this place to thrive with exotic seafood eateries.