Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurfing flag in front with Kitesurfers, sea and dunes in the background

Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurf Spot in Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab

Africa Kiteboard Spot in Morocco

The Kitesurfing Speed Spot in Dakhla is probably the best known freestyle Kiteboarding Spot in Morocco, with a huge area of butter flat water at low tide, and pumping wind almost every day during the season. The wind blows directly offshore so it’s not a beginner Kite Spot, you need to at the very least be able to kitesurf upwind, and being comfortable with how to self rescue is definitely helpful too! If you come from one of the kite accommodations some offer a boat rescue service but not all, so it’s worth checking how it works before you head out Kitesurfing in Dakhla Speed Spot. It’s a stunning and remote spot in the middle of the desert, but it’s amazing and there's a good reason for its popularity.

The easiest way to get to Dakhla - Speed Spot for Kiteboarding is with a boat, 4x4 or get a ride with a tractor out to the spot, just remember the tide will come in at some point so leave any belongings in a high and dry place. You can also just kite over to speed spot, it will just require a bit of a downwind and then upwind slog but it’s very doable.

Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurf season

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Dakhla Speed Spot
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Dakhla Speed Spot

Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurfing wind conditions

This spot only works at low tide! The main season for Kitesurfing in Dakhla is from May until September, when the temperature is around 18-25 C and the wind generally blows between 17 and 35 knots most days. However there is wind almost all of the year and you can get very good conditions even in March if you are lucky, it will just be a bit colder outside of the main summer season. A wetsuit is recommended as the water can be chilly, and pack some warm clothes for after a session as the temperature really drops overnight in the desert.

As mentioned the wind at Dakhla - Speed Spot blows directly offshore and there isn’t an on the spot rescue unless you bring it with you, so this is NOT for beginners. But the flat water at low tide makes it an absolute paradise for freestyle kiteboarders looking to work on big jumps and awesome new tricks. You’ll very often find pro riders coming here to train, and there is a world tour event in Dakhla every year so you’ll often bump into famous kiteboarding faces.

  • body wear

    • board shorts
  • downwinder

    • Yes
  • ride type

    • freeride
    • freestyle
    • wakestyle
  • skill level

    • beginner
    • intermediate
    • advanced
    • professional
  • spot type

    • lagoon
    • ocean
  • starting area

    • sandy beach
  • water condition

    • flat water
  • wind daytime

    • in the afternoon
    • midday
  • wind type

    • constant

Wind Stats for Dakhla Speed Spot Kiteboarding

Around the Kiteboarding Spot Dakhla Speed Spot

Dakhla is a sleepy little place, with most of the eating and drinking done at the various resorts and camps in the area, which for the most part are full board. If you venture into Dakhla itself you’ll find a traditional Moroccan town and can find some real local food to try, but there isn’t much else going on. 

If the wind does fail you and you can’t kitesurf at all, most of the kite camps offer surf trips to nearby breaks, and there are desert sightseeing trips available. Luckily the wind is pretty consistent in Dakhla so you’re rarely going to want to do anything other than kite anyway!

  • camper parking

    • Not allowed, but possible
  • car parking

    • Nearby
  • emergency

    • A medical center
    • A rescue service
    • Kite repair
  • has restaurant

    • No
  • has toilet

    • No
  • has shower

    • No

How to get to Dakhla Speed Spot and how to bring it about while you're there

Fly to Dakhla international airport (VIL) and take a taxi or rent a car to get to your accommodation. If you want to regularly kitesurf at speed spot then renting a 4x4 is a good plan as you can drive to the spot yourself. It generally takes between 20 and 40 minutes to get to the accommodations around the Dakhla lagoon, depending where you choose to stay.

  • accommodation

    • near the spot
  • public transport

    • Poorly developed
  • rental cars

    • Not recommended


We recommend you to organize a transport from the airport to your place to stay in advance. There is a high chance that your plane will arrive late night and there are not enough Taxi to grab. If you do have a weak stomach make sure to bring some medication with you. Make sure to bring some warm clothing with you, it might get cold at night. Accommodations are rare in this region, we advise you to book in advance.

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Wind Forecast for Dakhla Speed Spot Kitesurfing


The main season for kiteboarding in Dakhla is from May until September when the temperature is around 18-25°C, and the wind generally blows between 17 and 35 knots most days.