Walvis Bay Lagoon kite spot in Erongo

Africa kitesurf spot in Namibia

Namibia is known for cranking wind and speed records, but Walvis Bay Lagoon has a little something for everyone, with some great waist deep flat water areas perfect for beginner kitesurfers and freestylers, but also endless waves on the outside if that’s your jam. The water is cold and the landscape is rugged, but if you want a pure kitesurfing experience and don’t care about palm trees and infinity pools you’ll have a great time here. It’s long been a haven for windsurfers and hosts a yearly speed competition where speed records are constantly being broken as the wind accelerates over the sandbar, creating butter flat water behind.

Off Season

  1. None

Early Season

  1. May
  2. Jun
  3. Jul

Peak Season

  1. Jan
  2. Feb
  3. Mar
  4. Apr
  5. Nov
  6. Dec

Late Season

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  2. Sep
  3. Oct

Kitesurfing wind conditions in Walvis Bay Lagoon

Walvis Bay Lagoon’s peak kitesurfing season is between November and April. The wind speed during these months sits around 17 to 35 knots on average, generally slightly lighter in the morning and filling in to full power by lunch. The water in the lagoon is slightly warmer than the ocean, but you’ll still want a wetsuit for kiteboarding all year round, and particularly if you plan to visit the ocean side at all. As the wind can vary so much here it’s definitely a spot where it’s worth getting some local knowledge before you go, so it’s a good idea to reach out to the local kite schools for more accurate wind information.

Around the kite spot Walvis Bay Lagoon

There’s not a whole lot around Walvis bay in terms of partying and nightlife, it’s very much kitesurfing, windsurfing or enjoying the local nature. The dunes and lagoons are the main attractions here, so if flamingoes and stunning landscapes don’t do it for you you might want to look elsewhere for your holiday.

How to get to Walvis Bay Lagoon and how to move there

Walvis Bay International Airport ...

Wind Forecast for Walvis Bay Lagoon

Wind Stats for Walvis Bay Lagoon

Travel facts

  • accommodation

    near the spot

  • car parking


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Kite conditions

  • body wear

    long neo, short neo

  • downwinder


  • ride type

    freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, wave

  • skill level

    beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional

  • spot type

    lagoon, ocean

  • starting area

    grass, sandy beach

  • water condition

    choppy, flat, medium

  • wind daytime

    in the afternoon, midday

At the spot

  • emergency

    A medical center, Kite repair